Who are we ?

Bubblers bubblers, are you a beer lover?

You are at the right place…

It’s funny when you drinking it with friends especially when they are of mixed gender and it becomes exciting when all guys are in what we call their most humble positions after 10-20 beers. Of course, when walking becomes a problem and someone has to do the one-twos as you walk.
It becomes funnier when us beer lovers take our best dancing styles to the floor. Have you ever told a drunkard friend to take a small clip of you when you are in the mood to lose control? I swear you will really love it. Probably it would be your next status update in your whatsapp ,. twitter or Facebook page.
Beer is a social phenomenon, it brings people together for joy and funny jokes and much more !

Then one day, myself, as a Beer lover, writer of this blog, I thought :

Have you ever thought of the cash that you dish out in pubs, night clubs when it comes to buy drinks? what about the alcohol level as you drive home ? Then, a fellow policeman stops you? This means you will either spendthe night in a cold room till you are sober in the morning! isn’t it funny? Not that much !
What about reaching home in the early morning hours and your wife is the most worried in the world? Great memories friends…

Lets think of how we can change this and convert our small residential areas into small PUBS !!

Beer making in the entire process is not that difficult process. With a few ingredients and a precise step by step guide to follow, home-made beer will become a reality for you.
We always fall in love with beer at some time when we constantely trying new tastes and perfumes till people start calling us Beer lovers.

Beer history runs since times in memorial when Noah got drunk. Yeah that is the story I like. Remember he did not go to a pub to take beer, he was busy. It means that he had made a liquor that had favored him, made him stronger and focus. Does it mean that’s how we have to behave? We all know the story to by our governements, I don’t have to keep repeating that.

Here are 9 the reasons why you need to become Home Beer Brewer:

Safety : it gives you the comfort of safety. When you take home beer, it means that you don’t have to hire a cub or an extra driver to drive you home. You save Money.

Toilets : we are always in the urge to pee as we continue downing the bottle. It makes us running to the pub toilets every 15 minutes.
But when you brew your beer at home, no one will count how many times you visit the gents.

Choice : Home made beer also favors ones taste and preferences. You can take one cup as you stroll in your compound , in your bedroom and balcony and can sleep anywhere as well as sitting where you are comfortable.

Environment : When you make beer at home it means there will be less chaos, that is because you listen to your favorite music, not the one that the DJ wishes for you. Home made beer makes it easy to drink without much disturbances from the surrounding environment.

Sharing your pride : Think of having some home made beer and you call your friends to have a taste of your strong last preparation. Sharing ideas becomes quite easy as the disturbances are minimal from the loud music, the many night runners in the name of slay queens.

Not being Poisoned : It further makes you more safe as the chances of being poisoned are minimal. Home made beer in the first place was not distilled but fermented. This means that whatever you consume cannot kill or blind you. When one takes home made beer, traditionally, it’s seen as a sign of respect and affection to the people of which it had a blessing status in many early communities.

Love for Beers : Being in love with beer drinks, which is fermented, cannot make you to stagger.

Medicinal uses : It’s also important to note that some types of fermented beers are of medicinal use. For instance, did you know that beer made with honey cures ailments such as malaria? You now know!

No more hangovers : Home made beer does not give hangovers. This means that you can drink some today and tomorrow but with no effect unlike bottled distilled beer.

Bubblers! Home made beer will elevate you as the Prince of the Night in your own local PUB

For all those reasons, I have opened this website just for your pleasure…soooo ENJOY IT !