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The Advantages Of Brewing At Home

There is an impression in many people’s minds that factory conditions are necessary in order to make something as complicated as beer. It is true that brewing a beer is not like cooking a meal – the skills involved in both overlap, but there are plenty of people who can do either one of the above, but are useless at the other. But factory conditions are not necessary, and you can brew your own beer at home and produce something worth drinking. Indeed, some of the more […]

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How To Start Your Home Brew Adventure

There is an unavoidable element of light mockery that surrounds the practice of home brewing beer. There will always be the same jokes – that you are so fond of a drink you decided that you couldn’t deal with the trip to the bar, for example. Or that you wanted to drive the price of beer so low that you could be permanently drunk without it costing you so much. Once you get over the impression that this is about being cheap and reinforce the fact that […]

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Brewing Your Own Beer

It may just be a lingering impression from the days of prohibition, but the reputation of home-brewing beer for many is that the people who do it are half-way to being militia-men who hide out on communes in places so far off the map that no GPS system will ever find them. Although a lot is being done to address this, the fact is that people are usually prepared to spend more money drinking the pre-made beers than they are to take the time and effort to […]

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