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Our controller can be used by itself to boil up to 5 – 6 gallons of wort but time to boil will be about 55 minutes. A much better use would be to use this controller & an electric heating element together with your electric stove top or a second 120V element plugged into another 20 Amp circuit to bring from 5 to 12 gallons to a boil.


Designed to control your rate of boil – no temperature feedback.
6′, 14 Gauge, 3 wire heavy duty power cord.
Water resistant housing.
Full linear control.
Low cost compared to other solutions.
Controls up to a 2250 Watt electric heating element
Simple, easy to use design – just plug in and use.


  • 120 VDC Boil Controller
  • Supports up to 2250 Watt Heating Element. Linear adjustment from off to full on
  • Will work with Blickmann BoilCoil, water heater and similar style elements up to 2250 Watts**.
  • Expected time to bring 6 gallons to boil: 1650 Watts – ~55 min., 2000 Watts – ~45 min., 2250 Watts – ~35 min.
  • **If your heating element has a pre-wired twist lock power plug the plug will need to be changed from twist-lock to straight blade to work with this controller.


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