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Our brew kettle controller designed for up to a 6000 watt element to boil up to 12 – 15 gallons of wort with a reasonable time to boil of about 30 minutes. You will need a 240V, 30 Amp circuit (dryer outlet) to run this controller. The controller also powers smaller wattage 240V elements if you have something smaller in mind for your brew pot.

Designed to control your rate of boil – no temperature feedback (none needed for boil).
Easy to read graduated aluminum faceplate – so you can record your boil settings in your notes for your next brew.
12′ Power cord with 3 prong (older style) dryer plug end. Easily converted to 4 prong dryer plug (not included) by following instructions packed with the unit.
3 wire twist-lock outlet or dryer outlet with both sides of 240V and safety ground supplied to the outlet.
Water resistant all aluminum housing.
Full linear control.
Low cost compared to other solutions.
Controls up to a 240V, 6000 Watt electric heating element.
Includes four mounting tabs for mounting on your brew stand or can sit on your counter top.
Simple, easy to use design – just plug in and use.


  • 240 VDC Boil Controller
  • Includes 12′ 10 Gauge SJOOW Power Cord, 3 prong dryer plug and 3 Prong twist-lock outlet
  • Dryer plug can be converted to 4 prong, you supply the plug
  • Controls up to a 6000 Watt element and compatible with GFCI breakers
  • Will work with Blickmann BoilCoil, water heater and similar style elements


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