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Brewing High Gravity Beer

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Brewing High Gravity Beer: 5 Tips for Producing High Levels of Alcohol & Keeping the Yeast Healthy Beer gravity refers to how much sugar is present in the wort before the yeast is added and any fermentation begins. This is known as “original gravity (OG)” and is measured at the very beginning of the gravity brewing process before anything has really started happening yet. Generally, the higher the OG, the higher the sugar content and the higher the alcohol content in the beer will be at the final […]

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A little home brewing Fun for Kids

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A Little Home Brewing Fun for the Kids  In any family when one person gets excited about something new, everybody gets in on the act. And that is certainly true of children. They love to be active in whatever hobbies mom and dad love to be part of. So if you bowl, the kids want to go and play the video games. If you love Shakespeare in the park, the kids will go and play on the ground nearby. So if you can find a way to […]

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Why Make Your Own Beer at Home

You can make your own beer at home. It can be a family project or just a new hobby for yourself. Many people do not understand why some make their own beer. They wander why they want the big mess and all the clutter of creating their own brew. They think that it is easier to go to the store and get what they want when they want it. However, it is not about the convenience or the cost of the beer stores. The actual reason why […]

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What Beer Making Gurus Know

What Beer Making Gurus Know The great thing about brewing your own beer is that you can be good at it starting out and get great at it over time. You can make each and every batch tasty and enjoyable but at the same time always be driven to make a better brew. Part of the function of home brewing contests and being part of your local brewers club is that you get those tips and learn from the old pros at brewing so month by month […]

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What is in a beer making kit?

You can get all the things that you are going to need in a beer making kit. If you are new or an experienced beer maker, you will find that you can create your own great tasting beer with a little knowledge and a great beer making kit. There is no other way of getting what you want and finding a fun new hobby. Many simple beer kits are sold today. You can find many of the great brewing kits online or in the beer and liquor […]

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Tricks of the Trade for Making Great Beer

Assembling the equipment and the ingredients to make beer is a cut and dried operation. The process of making beer at home isn’t really a mystery. That is one of the reasons that home brewing has become so popular. Because you can get set up to brew beer at home with a relatively low investment in equipment and ingredients, it’s easy to get started on making your own beer. And when you finish that first batch and it is stored away to be sampled in a few […]

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The Right Home Brewing Kit for You

There is always an urge when you get started in a great new hobby like home brewing to go out and buy the most expensive equipment and supplies and dive in head first. That instinct may come from watching an “old pro” at home brewing working his or her own elaborate set up to make some great beer. So naturally when you start learning how to brew beer at home yourself, you want to strive for the best which is to make beer as good as the […]

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The Many Paths to Great Home Made Beer

Before you really get oriented to what home brewing is all about, it’s easy to think it is a process that is set in stone and there is only one right way to do it. And it is true that the brewing and fermenting process has some steps that must be followed with some discipline if you wish to enjoy a great home made beer. But one of the reasons that home brewing is such a passion to many people who enjoy this way of making beer […]

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Better Than The Real Thing?

Anyone who brews their own beer is sure to be asked the question every once in a while – “Do you really drink that stuff? It can’t be anything like as good as the real stuff, can it?”. This is a hard one to answer, as it is a matter of personal taste. Early on in your home brewing experiments you may be forced to admit that your efforts fall somewhat short of what you would like them to be. But the truth of the matter is […]

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A Throwback To Prohibition?

During the 1920s and some of the 1930s, the making and sale of alcoholic beverages was banned in the United States. It seems astonishing to think it now, but the law was in place for close to 13 years, and although it reduced the amount of public drunkenness it had the side-effect of increasing the amount of organised crime as alcoholic beverages continued to be made and sold on the black market through “speakeasy” bars and similar watering holes. Although the law has long since been repealed, […]

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